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If you’re curious about hypnosis, then click here to download and then listen to a free hypnosis recording.  Please don’t listen to this or any other hypnosis recording while driving. Please note that I initially recorded this hypnosis session for my other business, MSP Hypnosis.

If after listening to this free hypnosis session, you decide that you like hypnosis, are excited about engaging your amazingly powerful mind with hypnosis to tackle the challenge of extra weight, then invest in the voucher before the offer expires, and schedule your class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the keys to transformation with hypnosis?  Curiosity, imagination, cooperation, purpose and repetition. Fortunately, you hold the keys.
  2. When does the coupon expire?  The promotional value of the voucher expires 180 days after you purchase it.
  3. Can I bring a guest? You may register the number of guests as permitted by your voucher. However, seating is limited. You must register your guests.
  4. Do I need to bring a guest? Bringing a guest is optional.
  5. Is everyone able to experience hypnosis?  Most people are able to experience hypnosis. However, some people are not.  Inebriation, and lack of a common language, and most importantly fear prevent people from utilizing their mind in effective new ways with hypnosis.
  6. Is the voucher for a class or a private session?  This voucher is for one three hour hypnosis class, not a private hypnosis session.
  7. Is the $ 50.00 voucher for 4 people to use at once or can they attend different classes? You and your guests must attend the same class.
  8. How many people attend each class?  This varies by the location. Again, realize that you’re purchasing a voucher for a class, not a private hypnosis session.
  9. Are the Hollywood portrayals of hypnosis true? Hollywood is in the business of being dramatic so that it can sell tickets and advertising. Portraying things accurately is not it’s primary concern. Hypnosis isn’t brainwashing or mind-control. People don’t get stuck in hypnosis. Hypnosis is not sleep.

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